The dates and times below are City of Lights (Central) time, Aurora, IL, USA
10-10 Event *ModeStarts (Central)Ends (Central)Mail Logs by:
Winter QSO PartyPhone6:01 PM Fri 1/31/205:59 PM Sun 2/2/202/10/2020
Spring QSO PartyDigital7:01 PM Fri 4/24/206:59 PM Sun 4/26/205/4/2020
Spring QSO PartyCW7:01 PM Fri 5/1/206:59 PM Sun 5/3/205/11/2020
Open Season *PSK7:01 PM Fri 6/5/206:59 PM Sun 6/7/206/15/2020
Spirit of 76 * All7:01 PM Sun 6/28/206:59 PM Sun 7/5/207/13/2020
Summer QSO PartyPhone7:01 PM Fri 7/31/206:59 PM Sun 8/2/208/10/2020
10-10 Day SprintAll7:01 PM Fri 10/9/206:59 PM Sat 10/10/2010/19/2020
Fall QSO PartyCW7:01 PM Fri 10/16/206:59 PM Sun 10/18/2010/26/2020
Fall QSO PartyDigital6:01 PM Fri 11/13/205:59 PM Sun 11/15/2011/23/2020
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The dates and times below are UTC.     
10-10 Event *ModeStarts UTCEnds UTCMail Logs by:
Winter QSO PartyPhone0001Z Sat 2/1/202359Z Sun 2/2/202/10/2020
Spring QSO PartyDigital0001Z Sat 4/25/202359Z Sun 4/26/205/4/2020
Spring QSO PartyCW0001Z Sat 5/2/202359Z Sun 5/3/205/11/2020
Open Season *PSK0001Z Sat 6/6/202359Z Sun 6/7/206/15/2020
Spirit of 76 * All0001Z Mon 6/29/202359Z Sun 7/5/207/13/2020
Summer QSO PartyPhone0001Z Sat 8/1/202359Z Sun 8/2/208/10/2020
10-10 Day SprintAll0001Z Sat 10/10/202359Z Sat 10/10/2010/19/2020
Fall QSO PartyCW0001Z Sat 10/17/202359Z Sun 10/18/2010/26/2020
Fall QSO PartyDigital0001Z Sat 11/14/202359Z Sun 11/15/2011/23/2020
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Above "Corrected" and Published 1/28/20