The City of Lights Chapter of Ten-Ten International was started on Monday (CST), November 8, 1976 by members of the Aurora, Illinois local ham radio club, The Fox River Radio League (FRRL).  Aurora Illinois claimed to be the first city to have electric street lights, which led to its slogan and our chapter name, "The City of Lights."  The Monday night nets have continued in an unbroken string to date. The SSB net started on 28.70 MHz, but soon after, moved to 28.720 MHz, where it remains today.

The first Net Control and Chapter Head was Jerry Frieders, W9ZGP (SK) 10-10 #12847.  In mid-1995, and then in ill health, Jerry turned the Net over to Joe Dubeck, NA9A, 10-10 #31121. Joe remains the Chapter Head and is usually Net Control for the nets.

Other nets were added at different times.  In the 90s, an SSB “Early Net” ran for quite a while at 28.430 MHz (7:30 PM CST) headed up by Ron Kennedy N9KBJ, 10-10 #58638. That net went QRT when Ron moved to California.

Also in the 90s, the City of Lights CW Net was started at 28.280 MHz by Lee Fenton, WS9F, 10-10 #60236. When Lee suddenly passed away, the CW net was taken over by Bill Schaben, WA9AUW later W9AX (now SK) 10-10 #62915.  When Bill’s time was restricted by evening work commitments, Robert “Benny” Benson, W9CZA, 10-10 #62970 stepped up to the key and moved the CW Net to 28.150 MHz - where it remains today.  In April 2009, Benny’s health forced his retirement as the CW Net Control (W9CZA SK 10/24/10). Next the CW net was run for several years by Eric Needles, AB9OS, 10-10 #42388 until Eric moved to Montana. Next the CW net was run by Kermit Carlson, W9XA, 10-10 #73844. Kermit had to give it up when he was elected to the position of ARRL Central Division Director, because those duties caused his availability to run the net to be intermittent. Now the CW net is being run by Joe Dubeck, NA9A, 10-10 #31121.

The main interests of the City of Lights Chapter and its nets have been mostly social and contesting.  Although members have City of Lights (COL) numbers, the chapter has never taken part in the popular Ten-Ten “Paper Chasing” activities and has no points or upgrades in membership.

Membership costs a dollar, if you have it.  To qualify, you must first have a Ten-Ten number and then work and collect the COL numbers from five City of Lights members, including at least one Charter or Local member.  Charter or Local members have numbers followed by either a “C” or an “L.”  Send your list of contacts with the usual 10-10 logged information to the City of Lights Certificate Manager NA9A at PO Box 1383, St. Charles, IL 60174-7383, USA.

PLEASE HELP:  Our Chapter neglected to keep detailed records of some of the date information on this page, so if you can supply additional or corrected details, we would appreciate it very much - send to na9a (at)

Thanks everyone DE JOE, NA9A

This page updated 8/12/17