Updated at 02:45 UTC on 7/17/18.
The City of Lights Net had its 2,176th *consecutive* Monday night nets on 7/17/18 Z.  Thanks to all.
For Central time zone (locals) all year round, we always meet on Monday nights at 8:00 PM (CW @ 28.150 MHz) and at 8:30 PM (SSB @ 28.720 MHz). Please join us when you can.
CallName10X #QTHLast Check-in (UTC). Outlined dates are also frequent CW check-ins.
K9DXAHarry75703St. Charles, IL7/17/2018
K9LGEEric74960Aurora, IL4/3/2018
K9WDBDave75482Batavia, IL7/17/2018
KB9BLDean0Plainfield, IL7/17/2018
KB9FMVPaul0Joliet, IL1/30/2018
KC9EOQDean74609Aurora, IL7/10/2018
KC9PHXTom0Geneva, IL1/16/2018
KC9QMike77608Algonquin, IL7/10/2018
KD9CLTAngelo0Rolling Meadows, IL1/30/2018
KD9EDSBill0Elburn, IL2/6/2018
KD9GOLTyler0Hoffman Estates, IL1/30/2018
KD9JUQElber0Elburn, IL2/13/2018
KD9KODuane39872Sandwich, IL7/17/2018
KM4ZJRMike0Donnellon, FL7/10/2018
N9IIIDon53578St. Charles, IL7/3/2018
N9JZNJeff75661Batavia, IL4/3/2018
N9VDQMark0Oswego, IL1/16/2018
N9YAKeith69634Aurora, IL7/17/2018
NA9AJoe31121St. Charles, IL7/17/2018
W0LENLyn0St. Charles, IL1/16/2018
W9AQLEd60273Springfield, IL5/1/2018
W9HIDenny0Naperville, IL7/3/2018
W9CVCCarmen0St. Charles, IL2/27/2018
W9JBJim0Elburn, IL7/10/2018
W9YURoger77118Aurora, IL7/10/2018
WA9YKKDan77480Campton Hills, IL7/10/2018
WB4WXEHoward7010Decator, GA7/17/2018
WT2P"CJ"67368Aurora, IL7/17/2018
Fun Net, #2176. Regular check-in Harry, K9DXA, was in TN running his home in IL rig remotely. He tried to claim it was just a very long mic cable.  We also heard a good signal from new check-in, Howard, WB4WXE in Decator, GA.